Adam Bailey: Alexander Technique
Hello Everyone:
I hope all of you are staying warm, and having a good winter!
       I want to share a beautiful video with you.  It's called "Bone Deep Strength," and it's about the topics of human alignment, movement and functioning.  The speaker is not an Alexander Technique teacher -- but I, as an Alexander teacher, agree with much of what she says.  For example, she says that we get into difficulties not because of what we do but because of how we do it.  Most people believe that poor posture is an inevitable part of the aging process, she says -- but she calls this belief into question by showing many photographs of older people with good alignment. She says that, if we don't overdo and get tense, then we can more easily make use of our natural alignment -- of the way we're designed.  This is what children do without even thinking about it.  My favorite thing that she says is that, if we make use of our best alignment, then we can stand with gravity, as a partner in natural living.
       Of course, she says that we can all learn how to improve our alignment.  I don't know anything about her approach -- but that's what the Alexander Technique does.  Through a concrete, step-by-step process, it helps us learn how to improve our alignment, and address any areas of tension that interfere with our best alignment.  
       The best thing about this video is all the photographs of children and adults who have very good alignment.  For example, there are quite a few photographs of people in both Asia and Africa who are walking and balancing very large objects on their heads.  They're able to balance these objects because of their excellent alignment.  Watch the video, and enjoy and absorb all of these wonderful visual images.  Here it is:
A Beautiful Video

Best wishes to all of you!