The Alexander Technique and Posture

By Joan Arnold and Hope Gillerman with Terry Zimmerer

The posture problem
You look in the mirror and you’re not happy with what you see. Maybe your shoulders round forward. Your butt sticks out. Your knees point in. You don’t like your walk. You can’t stand that stoop. Maybe you try to fix the problem by listening to the familiar voices in your head — “Stand up straight!” “Tuck your pelvis!” “Pull your shoulders back!” “Hold your head up!” You try arranging body parts.You tuck your pelvis. You straighten up. It looks better, but feels like so much work.You let go, and there’s the same old posture again. You figure you’re lazy or too tightly wound or out of shape. Maybe you think your posture runs in the family.

How Can the Alexander Technique Help a Computer User?

By Joan Arnold and Hope Gillerman with Terry Zimmerer

The challenges of computer work
You sit at your computer each day, eyes on the screen, hand on the mouse. You’re deeply absorbed in your work or pressured to meet a deadline. For hours, you barely move at all. Late in the day you feel so compressed and tense you wish someone would put you in traction. Maybe your elbow starts to tingle, pain shoots through your forearm or your fingers go numb. Perhaps you ignore the symptoms, just to get the work done.

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Hello Everyone, As always, I watched the recent Olympics with great interest and even excitement. Of course, I watched not only as a sports fan (read fanatic!) but also as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. When it comes to … Continued